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The blog that documents really bad emails. These are commercial emails from "real companies" that qualify for being truly "the worst" across a spectrum. Badly made, in bad taste, exploitative, or just awful emails all can qualify. Usually, the author of these emails is trying to be serious about their product, but ... it just doesn't work!

Monday, December 15, 2008

BJ's: Final flurry - hurry for holiday delivery

Emailing Company:BJ's Wholesale Club
Subject:Final flurry -- hurry for holiday delivery
Date Sent:December 15, 2008

BIG Problem #1: All Images. Like a lot of commercial emails, BJ's has gone overboard on the "image block". In most versions of Microsoft Outlook, this message's images are "blocked" and come out with the dreaded RED X instead. What you see is a blizzard of missing images and an incomprehensible message.

BIG Problem #2: Construction and Technical. Besides the major problem with images, the message is way too long. If the reader's don't just ignore it, they will quickly unsubcribe or mark as spam.

Summary: Keep it simple, and start with some text at the top. Invite the reader into the message without forcing a click to "accept images". To force me to take action just to see your message is an example of a Really Bad Email.

Image of Email:


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