Really Bad Email (RBE)

The blog that documents really bad emails. These are commercial emails from "real companies" that qualify for being truly "the worst" across a spectrum. Badly made, in bad taste, exploitative, or just awful emails all can qualify. Usually, the author of these emails is trying to be serious about their product, but ... it just doesn't work!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Resource for the "Best Email Programs:"

While I am amused by the Really Bad Email out there, it's nice to have resources for the "Good Emails".

A blog that is helpful, and has excellent resource links, is one sponsored by Exact Target, and is located at

The article on "A Message to Retailers: How to Make Money on Email Marketing this Fall" explains a number of the problems emailers have, including the "all image" email problem.

(NOTE: Exact Target's blurb is: "Email marketing software that makes it easy to create, track and send professional HTML email campaigns, newsletters, surveys and one-to-one marketing". I am not affiliated with them in any way.)


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